Exterior Insulation Finishing System

We are certified to install new EIFS systems, inspect EIFS for water damage, do repairs.

We have done commercial EIFS work for several commercial buildings, and many residential homes.

The traditional stucco is applied to horizontal wood lath with a small space between each wood lath so the first layer could attach itself to the wall. Traditional stucco is applied in three layers, the scratch coat, the brown coat and the finish coat. The two base coats of plaster are hand-applied. The finish coat can be troweled smooth, hand-textured, or floated to a sand finish. In the exterior wall applications, the wood lath is installed over a weather-resistant felt paper sheet that protects the framing from the moisture that can pass through the porous stucco.

Following World War II, the introduction of metal wire mesh replaced the use of wood lath and by adding Portland cement to the traditional mix of lime, sand and water brought up the modern stucco. By galvanizing the wire making it corrosion resistant, it is suitable for exterior wall applications. Modern synthetic stucco can be applied as one base layer and a finish layer, which is thinner and faster to apply, compared to the traditional application of three-coat stucco.

Exterior insulation finishing system or E.I.F.S. is a system for exterior walls. It starts with a moisture barrier on the exterior of any type of building. Next, foam is screwed over top of the moisture barrier and is then rasped smooth. Then a layer of base coat is applied with hulk and trawl. After applying the base coat, a sheet of fiberglass mesh is placed on top of the base coat and trawled into the base coat smoothly. After that dries, then a second coat of base is applied to level the wall out even further. Finally, the finish coat is applied with a float to give a swirl finish. There are other types of finish textures like skip trawl, ruff sand finish and it can also be sprayed on for a faster application.

Repairs include:

  • Remove culking around windows and expansion joints.
  • Painting old Stucco


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