We design, install, service, and repair all concrete pools.

Our scope of work is specializing in gunite pools.

The main difference between different types of pools is based on whet the floor, steps and walls are made of. There are several different pool designs, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. We work mainly on guinte pools.

Gunite pools are in-ground pools with steel and plumbing inside the gunite or the shell of the pool. The gunite is like a super hard concrete which is sprayed inside of the pool, covering the plumbing and steel to create the shell of the pool. The gunite is then covered and finished with a layer of pool plaster and tile on the inside.

The pool plaster is traditionally a white plaster that is trawled on by hand and is smoothed to a finished complete product. The tile is put on with the plaster before the pool is to be plastered. The pool plaster and tile comes in many different styles and designs. The pool plaster also comes in different types of aggregate called diamond bright with many different colors as well.

  • Gunite Pools
  • Swimming Pool Constructing
  • Swimming Pool Plastering
  • Rock Waterfalls
  • Custom Stamped Concrete Decking
  • Pool Tile
  • Pool Coping
  • Zero Gravity Pools
  • Vanishing Edge Pools
  • Fountains
  • Water Sprayers
  • Fiber Optics Installation
  • Pool Water Slides
  • Handy Cap Chair Lift
  • Custom Spa
  • Lazy River
  • Solar Heating Installation


spa side shot waterfall shotcrete pool9 pool8 pool7 pool6 pool5 pool4 pool3 pool2 pool pool steps pool plastering pool plaster pool lanes w- water3 plastering indoor pool indian hill front page pool bedford pool

The Pool Plastering Specifications are listed below.